As an ADHD life coach with ADHD, I've faced the same hurdles and triumphs as you. I know what it's like to navigate a world that isn't built for our kind of brilliance. But instead of seeing it as a limitation, I see it as an advantage. I bring my personal journey and insights to our life coaching sessions, creating an understanding space where we can learn, grow, and thrive together. 

Tim Spurrier feeling very happy in San Francisco and considering how to be an ADHD coach

Tim SpurrierAbout Me

Like many people with ADHD I have more back stories and careers than most. Professionally I have a background in social work and trained in therapeutic techniques.  I really enjoyed working with clients in therapy but never quite felt fulfilled by it and didn't feel they were getting the best of me and my experience.  I found training a therapist quite constraining and perhaps something that did not make the best of me and my skills. Working with many ADHD clients in that environment, I discovered that an approach that followed a coaching path was much more beneficial not only in terms of positive outcomes but also the experience overall.  Coaching was not "fixing" but more about managing and performance enhancing. It allowed for a = more direct approach. Of course, there is understanding of the difficulties and struggles but expect to be challenged, pushed and held to account.

I am based in the UK living between London and Kent, depending on what day of the week it is.  However I have dealt with clients not only across the UK but worldwide. Although my sessions are generally online we can arrange to meet 1:1 if that is your requirement.

If you're interested, I have a professional qualification in social work as well as  honours and Masters degrees.  However I don't think they are overly important in terms of the work I do. My approach is very much a mix of the skills and experiences I have.  These include creative work in TV, film and music.   The connection for me is about story telling and story making. Being the best version of you is understanding your story (who and why you are) and striving to live the story you desire or can imagine (who you want to be).  This is why life coaching is not about fixing and more about understanding and developing.  I have learnt through personal experience that this is even more important when it comes to ADHD.  I hope this is something I continue to work on for me and, I'm sure for you.


ADHD coaching with someone who has ADHD involves a unique and specialized approach that capitalises on the shared understanding and experience of both the coach and client. This provides empathy, validation, and a non-judgmental space for the client to express their struggles and triumphs. Tailored strategies are developed to address the client's specific ADHD-related and neuro-diverse challenges, such as time management, organisation, and task initiation. Sessions are structured to accommodate fluctuating attention and energy levels, incorporating shorter sessions, breaks, or movement. Accountability and follow-up are emphasized to maintain progress, while emotional support helps the client manage frustration, self-doubt, and anxiety. With this personalised approach, our ADHD coaching fosters a deep connection, transformative growth, increased self-awareness, and improved management of ADHD symptoms.


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