Paying for coaching holds you to account

When we pay for things we are much more likely to use them. It holds us to account and continues to engage us. It shows a commitment to the process and a desire to make positive change for ourselves.

Our assessment time is free and with no obligation.  It gives us time to see if the approach is right for you and, most importantly, whether we seem like a right fit to work together.

The cost of our work reflects the personalised nature of the coaching.  Unlike, for example therapy, coaching is not based on hour long weekly sessions but instead a broader approach including check-ins, troubleshooting and structured work customised to your needs and goals.

I keep my client base limited in numbers in order to ensure the service you receive is the best it can be. Quality not quantity.

Prices start at £250 a month.

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We realise that the cost of coaching could preclude people on lower incomes from accessing much needed support and guidance. Where we can, we still want to help those who want to make that positive change in their life. Therefore we have set up a scheme to enable people with lower incomes to access ADHD coaching at a reduced fee.  A few spaces are set aside to support this and will enable those with limited incomes to access ADHD coaching. However the accountability principle remains an important part of our work and so, although fees maybe reduced, paying for coaching continues to have a positive effect on how you engage in the coaching.